Prague Astronomical Clock, Prarsky orloj

Прага Астрономические Часы Орлой

Prague Astronomical Clock, Prarsky orloj. The clock shows the years, months, days and hours, the time of sunrise and sunset, sunrise and moonset, and the position of the signssign. In the center of the dial is the Earth, around which the sun.
Every hour when the clock strikes, there is little understanding in the tradition of medieval puppet theater. Figures, is the epitome of human vices and such landmarks of human life, as death or retribution for sins, begin to stir: skeleton pulls the bell rope, the angel of the ups and downs punishing sword. In the windows clock faces of the apostles follow each other, and in the final of the cock crows. Then hear the chimes.
Closest to the Astronomical Clock are apartments : Zatecka 8, Na Perstyne 15, Na Perstyne 17

Прага Астрономические Часы Орлой

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