Prague Main Railway Station – Hlavni Nadrazi

Прага Центральный Железнодорожный Вокзал

Prague Main Railway Station – Hlavni Nadrazi it is the largest railway Station in Prague.  From Here departing  Czech high-speed trains — «Pendolino».City / country of destination: Germany, Holland (Munich, Nuremberg, high-speed trains Bavaria-Bohemia RE and EuroCity / EuroNight in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden), France (Paris-Shtutgart- Prague), Poland (Krakow, Warsaw), Slovakia (Bratislava ) and Hungary (Budapest), Czech Republic (Brno, Plzen, Liberec, Ceske Budejovice, Olomouc Ostrava).
Master w / station — is also a metro station. It is located on the line C (red line). It is three stops from the train station Holešovice (Nadrazi Holesovice), which is also located on the red line C. Attention! On / Railway station in Prague is no VAT refund (Tax Free), it is only at the airport.
In Moscow trains with cars 2 class (only sleeps) are modern and comfortable. There are direct trains or change in Warsaw. Duration of the road for about 35 hours.
From Prague to St. Petersburg train goes 1 possible transplant.
Closest to the main railway station are apartments:Vaclavske Namesti 29Nekazanka 12Charvatova 10.

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